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Compulsory Voting, Habit Formation, and Political ...
Lukas Schmid, University of St. Gallen, Department of EconomicsCH St. Gallen, Switzerland. We thank Reto Foellmi, Marco Steenbergen, Dennis Quinn, and audiences at the University of Bern, HWK Delmenhorst, the Annual Swiss Economist Meeting and the Young Swiss Economists Meeting for useful comments,

Equilibrium Credit Spreads and the Macroeconomy by Joao F. Gomes,...
Credit markets play an important role in the macroeconomy and credit market data is often used to predict future macroeconomic performance. In this paper we pro

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Investment-Based Corporate Bond Pricing by Lars-Alexander Kuehn,...
A standard assumption of structural models of default is that firms' assets evolve exogenously. In this paper, we examine the importance of accounting for inves

Levered Returns by Joao F. Gomes, Lukas Schmid :: SSRN
In this paper we investigate the theoretical relation between financial leverage and stock returns. Standard finance textbooks propose a straightforward link be

Innovation, Growth, and Asset Prices by Howard Kung, Lukas Schmid ::...
We examine the asset pricing implications of a production economy whose long-term growth prospects are endogenously determined by innovation and R&D. In equili

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